Meeting Your Subscriber’s Expectations

E-Newsletters and their effect on our subscriber’s expectations is key to a campaign’s success. Senders must be consistent because consistency matters.

So how do we manage them? By setting them first.

If a subscriber does not know what’s coming, it really doesn’t matter how consistent the formatting and frequency are – those e-newsletters will still feel inconsistent with whatever preconceived notions the subscriber had about them.

So how do you create expectations that you can then meet?

The industry gurus tell us you get 3 critical opportunities to do so.

Tip: Create Subscriber Expectations Before The Opt-In (Sign Up)

The second potential subscribers become aware that offering something by email like an e-newsletter, they begin to make assumptions about things like:

  • The value/benefit to them if they sign up
  • The cost to them if they sign up (their time and privacy)
  • Who else will their send my address to
  • What they will get from you
  • How often they will get it

By replacing these assumptions with clear expectations that state what will actually happen, potential subscribers experience two things: They will more than likely sign up and they will be happier because they know what to expect.

Tip: Tell them, In or Near Your Opt-in Form

  • What kind of content you’ll be sending
  • How they’ll benefit as a subscriber
  • How often they will hear from you or tell them they have a choice
  • What you do and won’t do with their information

Tip : Give Thanks

Your thank you page is a critical stage in your e-newsletter marketing because it links two types of interactions your subscribers have with you.

Just before they sign up, maybe they’re interacting with you on your website. That puts them in 100% in control of their situation.

They can leave at any time and you’ll never even know who they were and you can’t track them.

Once they’ve subscribed, however, they are agreeing to communicate with your firm in a whole new way. Now you can deliver information to them when you choose or more importantly when they choose.

Good e-newsletter marketers set expectations using the thank you page.

Tip: Rein

force Expectations Right After The Opt-In

Once a subscriber signs up to your list, they may have a few questions that you need to answer right away:

  • What happens next?
  • When do I get my first e-newsletter?
  • Who’s it coming from?
  • What’s it going to look like?
  • What do I do now?

You can answer these questions with your thank you page.

You can tell them:

  • “Welcome. You have subscribed!”
  • They will receive an email from “name and email address”
    • Look for a subject line with “X”
    • Look for content related to “X”

What They Should Do

  • Look in their inbox
  • Check spam folders if they can’t find you

Creating expectations on your thank you page is especially important because they help your new subscriber “ make that connection” between the time they spent on your website and the e-newsletters they will receive from you weeks and months later.

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