Is Email Obsolete?

A new survey conducted by Yahoo! Mail shows the average adult is highly invested in email, regularly using three email accounts, two for personal use, and one for work use.  So if you think email is obsolete, think again!

The Yahoo! survey also finds a growing number of adults are “hooked” to their email, with two in three adults checking their email as soon as they wake up, up from only 41 percent last year.  Let’s hope you take care of some personal business before jumping on your blackberry!

As shared on Today’s THV 2000 people were surveyed and some of the key findings are shared below.

  • The majority of adults check email very frequently, with 48 percent checking their inboxes during meals. (Have you spoken with your staff lately on this topic?)
  • Most adults believe there is a finite period of time in which someone can respond to an email. When it comes to personal mail, 86% of adults think an email should not go more than a week without a response. (What is your instant response rate?)
  • 68 percent of adults check personal email while at work. (Hubspot recognizes that B2B is the same as B2C.)
  • 70 percent of adults believe it’s OK to send “Thank You” cards/notes for gifts via email.

Can you relate to any of these? Do you keep that special email account just for things you sign up for? I do!  How do you know if your readers are getting the benefit of your email or e-newsletter? I’d love to hear your ideas.

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