How to Use Facebook’s Company Page in Your Marketing Plan

When Facebook was first introduced in 2004, its audience was limited to young adults enrolled in a college or university. Today, Facebook is a popular social network used by 1.1 billion people from across the world: teens, young adults, baby boomers and even the elderly. It’s a place to reconnect with old friends and even meet new friends. With tools such as Graph Search, Groups and Company Pages, Facebook has grown from a personal, student only network to a community where both individual professionals and large companies can create loyal relationships and promote their brands.  

What is a Facebook Company Page?

The Facebook Company Page is a public page for a business to promote their products/services, converse with their customers and help with search engine optimization. When a person “likes” a company page, all posts by the company page will show up on the person’s newsfeed. Here are a few preferences that can be set for a business page:

  1. Post ability: Choose whether or not people can post or add pictures/videos to the page’s timeline
  2. Post visibility: Choose whether or not others’ post appear on page’s timeline (also known as tagging-when someone writes a status on their own Facebook page and tags a business page)
  3. Messages: Choose whether or not people can contact the business privately via the Facebook business page

What are business goals for using Facebook?

One of the most important steps in setting up a Facebook company page is determining what the goals are for using this platform. Every company has a different reason for using Facebook. Here are a list of the top three reasons companies add Facebook into their marketing plan.

  1. To Communicate: One goal most businesses have in common for using Facebook in their marketing plan is to engage with their customers and/or prospects.  Some companies ask questions to learn more about whom they are (or aren’t) doing business with. Some will post survey questions.  Some will address recent issues and try to mend the problem.
  2. To Educate: Educate2Motivate’s number one goal for using Facebook is to educate our readers on current marketing trends. We post links to our educational blog, invite our Facebook followers to marketing webinars we hold, provide links to our webinar recordings as well as share content others have posted that we’ve found helpful or informative.  Education can help you become a thought leader in your industry.
  3. To Promote: Some companies use Facebook purely to sell their products and/or services. Businesses may highlight a specific product using a series of pictures or videos to get followers interested. Clothing companies are infamous for doing this, and then posting special coupon codes on their Facebook pages for customers to use in store or online.

What are some tips for using Facebook?

Whether a company has five employees or five thousand employees, Facebook is an important piece of a company’s marketing plan. It’s a means of communication, a way to education and share content and lastly, it can be an easy way to advertise products or services. The Educate2Motivate Team has a few tips to follow when using Facebook to market.

1. Be visual: We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Be visual. Post pictures. Upload videos. There are apps and websites out there to make pictures fun: create collages, use filters, add graphs and charts. Get creative.

2. Link back to websites & social networks: This is another tip we’ve offered up before. Always include links. If your company is offering a special discount on Facebook and customers have to go to your website to buy it, include a link to the website. If you are sharing content from a recent blog post, link the Facebook post back to the blog. Make it easy for followers to get to your different sites.

3. Create calendars: Create a calendar so you know when Facebook posts are going out. In this calendar, write down what the post will say and who is in charge of posting it to Facebook. Share this calendar with everyone in your marketing department. This way, posts won’t get doubled up and everyone will be on the same page.

4. Interact with followers: As we showed earlier, Chobani recently addressed their issue with mold in the yogurt to their Facebook page. They apologized, explained the situation and offered a solution. Let customers know you are there to listen. It’s important to engage with your customers to try to create loyalty. Facebook isn’t just a place for people to complain, be sure to thank any positive comments you receive as well.

5. Always stay active: Building your network is something you can be doing daily. Invite personal Facebook friends to like your company page. Advertise your company page on your website, blog, or email blasts. We’ve explained how important content marketing can be for a business. Share the content you’ve written (or bought from E2M ) on your Facebook page every week or two. Start conversations with your followers to learn more about them and see what they would like to learn about you. Facebook is a great way to build your network and create loyal relationships.

With 1.1 billion people using Facebook, adding a Facebook Company Page would be a beneficial step in your marketing plan. Use it to communicate with your network, educate your customers and promote your products and services. When posting to Facebook, remember to use visual images and always link back to your website or blog. Create posting calendars to stay organized. Interact with your Facebook followers and stay active on your page – continue to post relevant information and share content.

Want to learn more? Educate2Motivate will be holding a webinar on social media on October 2 at 11 am CST. Register here.

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