Choosing An E-Newsletter Partner

E-newsletter campaigns seem simple on the surface but the non-technical user knows better. In addition to writing the materials, putting together a decent e-newsletter takes quite a bit of time and patience.

Tip – Do what you do best and leave the rest.

We estimate that it takes approximately 200 hours per year to publish, send, and maintain an e-newsletter program. For the average attorney making $300 per hour that equals over $60,000 per year in costs. WOW! No wonder attorneys are reluctant to add this critical marketing tool to their toolbox.

Consider outsourcing.  Take the next step. Hire an expert to do what you cannot do when it comes e-newsletter marketing.

Tip – Be choosy.

There are many companies to choose from when it comes to e-newsletter marketing. There are really no apples to apples comparisons amongst them. However, you do have a choice when finding one that can provide instant lead notification, offer pre-written material, deliver detailed reporting, and most of all, be cost effective.

Don’t stop at the first company that pops up in your Google search. Search until you find what you want. It is out there.

Tip – It’s not about what you know.

Time and time again what we think a reader wants is our intellect when in fact it is how the intellect can help them. It is very difficult to understand legal terms. Clients find themselves swimming in the vocabulary fishbowl trying to jump out.

One way to convey a message is to put it into context. Create a simple analogy of what you are trying to convey without using technical terms and apply it accordingly. Your message will become crystal clear.

As Ben Franklin once said, “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about.”

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