Building a LinkedIn Presence

In our webinar last month, we briefly went over how to set up a LinkedIn profile and offered up some tips on how to improve your profile. We believe that LinkedIn is the most important social network for a professional to be on, no matter what industry you are in. With more than 200 million people using LinkedIn, it’s a great place to build your referral network and even find potential clients. A LinkedIn company page allows you to build a following for your company, share ideas and promote your products and services. Another great way to share your content and generate conversations is by using LinkedIn Groups. We will also cover some compliance rules that financial professionals should follow when using LinkedIn. Our webinar on November 6th will dig deeper into this powerful social platform.

Building a LinkedIn Profile

The first step to LinkedIn is setting up your LinkedIn profile. Your LinkedIn profile should include the basics: your name, a professional headshot, a headline, a summary of your company and a job description, past positions you’ve held and any publications you have. You can learn more about how to set up a basic LinkedIn profile from our webinar last month.

In order to increase search engine optimization, drive traffic to your website and create a referral network, you will need to have more than just a basic LinkedIn profile. We suggest creating a unique LinkedIn URL for your profile. For example, you can find both of our LinkedIn profiles easily because we have unique URLS: &

Another suggestion is using industry keywords in your headline. We both use the words “digital marketing,” “social media” and “advanced estate planning” in our LinkedIn profiles to help with our SEO.

Be sure all sections of your LinkedIn profile are filled out and we especially suggest having your skills and expertise completed (there are exceptions for this which we will explain towards the end). Additional information, awards and honors, volunteer experience and applications such as Slideshare are important as well. We’ll explain the LinkedIn profile in more detail on our webinar on November 6th.

Building a LinkedIn Company Page

A LinkedIn company page is essentially a LinkedIn profile for your business. It’s a place for LinkedIn members to learn about your company, products and services. In the about section, provide a brief description of your company: specialties, location, link to your website, type, number of employees, industry and when it was founded. Use your company logo as the image for the company page. LinkedIn allows company pages to promote their products and services. Each product/service has its own page where you can provide an overview as well as use an image that correlates to the product or service. We advise using a keyword rich overview to improve your SEO. There is also a spot for other LinkedIn members to write recommendations of your product or service.

Building a LinkedIn Group

LinkedIn groups are another great way to participate on LinkedIn. LinkedIn groups are places for members of the same industry or with the same interests can share content, network, ask questions, start conversations and become thought leaders. Groups have three categories: discussions, promotions and jobs. Conversations will be posted under discussions, any promotions or selling of product/services get put under promotions and job postings go in the final tab. Group managers have the ability to change the settings of the group however they wish: groups can be public or private, members are welcome to join or require approval, and people can post freely or posts must be approved.

Tips to Remember When Posting to LinkedIn

Be sure to post regularly to your LinkedIn profile, company page and to groups. Don’t “spam” by posting too often, we suggest once or twice a week. When posting on LinkedIn, we advise using shortened links. Shortened links are a way to track analytics and see whether your content is getting clicked on or not. Another tip we recommend is tagging your company page in posts on your LinkedIn profile. When we post updates about Educate2Motivate on our profiles, we tag the company page – it’s a direct link to the page that makes it easier for people to get to. And lastly, once you begin posting to our company page, we urge you to track your results using their analytics feature.

LinkedIn & Compliance

Compliance rules and regulations vary from firm to firm. Before publishing anything to LinkedIn, check with your compliance department about the specific policy you must follow for social media.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool not only for attorneys and financial advisors but also for professionals in all industries. Having a LinkedIn profile can help get your content out and build your referral network. A company page helps get your business name out there and is an easy way for LinkedIn members to learn about your products and services. LinkedIn groups are places to share ideas with others in your industry.

If you need help building or optimizing your LinkedIn profile or company page, call us at (888) 461-0000.

Want to learn more? Join us on November 6th for our marketing webinar as we go even more in depth into LinkedIn.

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