Building Your Client Base Using E-Newsletters

The old saying goes, a little word of mouth goes a long way.  In today’s world most of our connections and interactions are done by way of computers. We make friends and find old friends using the Internet.

It helps us to stay connected longer and also encourages us to share with others things we like. You may want to consider the following as ways to build your email lists.  There is nothing more welcoming than a referral from fan, friend, or family member.

  • Use social media to encourage signups
    If you already have LinkedIn relationships, Twitter followers or a Facebook fan page, ask your followers and fans to sign up for your email alerts. Explain that the emails will include information and offers not available anywhere else. You can make it part of your loyalty program or a separate benefit if you don’t have a loyalty program.
  • Hand every client and prospect a postcard.
    Clients may be squeezing in appointments between other activities and may not have time to sign up for an email program on the spot. But if you hand them a prepaid postcard they might fill it out and mail it later. If you also offer them the option of signing up online instead, you’ll greatly increase your chances of capturing their email addresses.
  • Capture friends of friends.
    Every email you send has the potential for a ripple effect—if you encourage the people who are already on your list to pass your e-newsletter along to their friends. You can ask people to do it out of the goodness of their hearts, or you can give them an incentive with the offer of a consultation for a friend if the friend signs up and mentions them. It definitely helps to offer great content that’s worth passing along.

So, how do you build your client base using e-newsletters?

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