A Key to Your Marketing Success…Staying Top of Mind

The era of mass marketing and impersonal transactions has come to an end. Today, companies have the ability to leverage technology, initiating and maintaining an ongoing dialogue with their prospects and clients. In 2010, customers expect that companies will engage them, actually listen to what they have to say, and tailor their offerings accordingly. In a day and age where our customers now have more choices than ever before, remaining competitive means staying top of mind and reinventing the traditional ways we go to market.Here are some quick tips to

1. Provide value

Think of new ways you can provide value before asking for a commitment. Don’t just talk about why you deserve a client’s business, show them. Email marketing newsletters are a great way to show and share your added value by educating and motivating your clients.

2. Focus on others first, promote yourself second

Nathan Hangen over at Copyblogger, has great insights on how self-promotion can actually help you grow your business, assuming it’s done right. Nathan says, “When you promote ideas, you give people something to cheer for. You give people a cause to support. People, in many ways, are selfish. They promote the things that make them feel good. Your accomplishments aren’t likely to make them feel good, but your ideas do.” Think about the implications of self-promotion on your business, and remember that self-promotion comes in many forms. You inherently promote yourself and your business by providing value.

3. Remember your client’s are human

Have real conversations with the people. “Humanize” your brand and interact with your customers on a level above and beyond a product or service. Client’s have many choices in today’s business world, what makes you stand out? Are you someone your client wants to do business with? Do they look forward to their meetings with you? Stay in touch with your client’s on a regular basis and they will do they same with you.

What strategies are you using to stay top of mind with client’s? Do your client’s view you as a valuable resource in times of need?

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