3 Call-to-Action Tips for E-newsletter Lead Generation

The conversation is all about inbound marketing today. It’s most talked about when referring to a website and the use of social media. But how does your e-newsletter fit into the mix?

Well until recently, it may not have. Part of the success of any e-newsletter is to get readers to actually read what you send them, but even more importantly, take action by driving them to your website, or better yet, pick up the phone and call you!

Experts agree that successful inbound marketing is all about attracting and converting leads. Your e-newsletter should give readers a reason to want to call you. At E2M, we’re firm believers that providing value in the way of content, alongside a call-to-action, is what it takes to attract and convert those leads.

If your firm’s goal is to attract a lot of quality leads and generate revenue, (whose isn’t!) then the first step is to be sure that you can use a simple click of the mouse to start attracting.

While many small firms don’t focus on inbound marketing as a way to increase revenue, we’d like to share three easy ideas that will help boost the flow of new inbound leads that can drive revenue growth.

  1. Call to Action Buttons – One of the key components of generating revenue is based upon the position of your call to action buttons. You may have noticed that action buttons are on the side bar of most e-newsletter pages. This is the optimal arrangement for call-to-action buttons that generate revenue without annoying readers. An alternative placement is directly after the content. Have you looked at where your call-to-actions are placed within your e-newsletter?
  2. Bright and Bold – Generating clicks generates leads. Putting your calls-to-action in the right places is the first step but having them visible is just as important. Using bright colors or contrasting colors will draw readers’ attention. Don’t be a plain Jane. Use this opportunity to have your offer jump off the page.
  3. Be Relevant – Call-to-action clicks should provide an offer that interests the reader.  The more relevant the content is to your call-to-action, the more clicks you’ll see. It is not enough to have a “call me” button. Readers become engaged when they see something worth reading, find something worth downloading, and get value in return.
Action Step:
Use all three of these helpful tips in your e-newsletter starting today. You just might start seeing the results you’re paying for.
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